Hamed Bank

A Personal artwork portfolio

I am  a visual effects and film compositor with a background in 3D, animation and directing for short films and commercials. As a hobby watercolor painter and photographer, I spend my spare time for this kind of arts and try to learn new techniques and teach them to other people. So training is one of my goals of creating this website. Some other technical stuff I do, regarding to my job as a compositor, are Matte painting, camera tracking and 3d 

Here is the breakdown: I did composite the man with Glasses ( Face replacement) the first and third shot of him in this breakdown.
Also I did the lady on the moon thinner, and all sky replacements as well as some more comps.

First 3d stereoscopic animated feature in Sweden and Denmark A.K.A. Beyond Beyond. I worked on this project as a 3d stereo compositor.

My old composite demo reel from 2013

Old composite demo reel 2011

This is an animated advertising for a LINA cheese snack. 
Directed by Hamed Bank. Produced by Raeika picture, 2010

I used Mocha pro for rotoscoping the character then keying and relighting the CH with Nuke, I create matte painting whit Photoshop and use 3D max and Nuke for camera projection

I did in this shot: Matte painting the Island with Photoshop stabilizing and rotoscopy the people inside the ship with Mocha pro rig removal and cleaning the ship shot with Nuke 3d matte painting and compositing inside Nuke