Hamed Bank

A Personal artwork portfolio

I am  a visual effects and film compositor with a background in 3D, animation and directing for short films and commercials. As a hobby watercolor painter and photographer, I spend my spare time for this kind of arts and try to learn new techniques and teach them to other people. So training is one of my goals of creating this website. Some other technical stuff I do, regarding to my job as a compositor, are Matte painting, camera tracking and 3d 


Hamed Bank

Compositor / Photographer

Phone (SE):   +46 (0) 76 254 1366
Email:            bank3d@gmail.com
Skype:           hamed.bank

Linked-in:      https://se.linkedin.com/in/hamedbank

IMDB:             http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6232963/


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