Hamed Bank

A Personal artwork portfolio

I am  a visual effects and film compositor with a background in 3D, animation and directing for short films and commercials. As a hobby watercolor painter and photographer, I spend my spare time for this kind of arts and try to learn new techniques and teach them to other people. So training is one of my goals of creating this website. Some other technical stuff I do, regarding to my job as a compositor, are Matte painting, camera tracking and 3d 


When I was in my youth, I've constantly been getting inspired by movies and animations like Terminator 2 and Disney's products. It was a dream for me to become a part of something big to be able to inspire others.
I started to work as a 3D artist (along my education) in a small but passionate company in my hometown called SANA.  I mostly worked as a 3D modeler and texture artist. But it wasn't enough for me, as I needed to learn how to create a believable realistic VFX. Also, I wanted to be a director, so I attended to a movie-making course for 9 months and graduated as a director from Tehran's Anjoman-e Cinema-ye Javan.
After getting my Master degree in Textile Management from Amir Kabir University of Technology, I decided to dedicate my life and time to what I've always wanted to do, Art.

By changing my career direction toward Compositing, I tried to find out the magic behind realistic VFX. To do so, I needed to learn photography as well, to understand the language of pictures and the reflection of the reality in the captured images. But it has become another hobby and my second artistic life. 

Since 2010, when I stepped out of my country and settled in Sweden, I worked on various VFX houses in Europe, such as Framestore (London), Ghost VFX (Copenhagen) and Stories (Switzerland).
Beside all, paint in watercolor has been my long-time company as a hobby and a good relaxing activity, and another way to be an Artist.